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I had the honor of being on Pat Hiban’s Show titled “Real Estate Rockstars.” But we talked little about real estate and much more about life and life’s transitions and callings. Pat is a great interviewer and I really enjoyed the interview and process. We even did a mini role play session right here in the podcast as a coach and client sample interaction. Pat is big on finding your highest purpose and path and so am I, thus the show was very impactful and full of meaty topics and lots of fun! Take a listen. Hope you enjoy!

Pat Hiban podcast  Steves Podcast

The Core of Leadership

Leadership is all about service, making a difference in other people’s lives for a higher purpose and leadership is all about a worthy cause for those in which you lead. This was no different when I was a CEO of a Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett company for many years or a CEO of my own large real estate financial firm that I owned. I knew that I had a responsibility leading by example and setting the tone for excellence. I also knew that it always started with a vision that had to be clear and specific. This video below is the first in a series I will be doing on some of the many things I learned and experienced being a CEO, executive and business owner. Being an entrepreneur the last six years I’ve incorporated many of these practices into my own businesses and life. I am using them now in my consulting and coaching practice. I wanted to share with you some of them here. I hope you will find them of value and stay tuned for further videos ahead. I hope you stay open to the meaning in the words Transition-Transform-Evolve! I love and live by these words in all I do.

Video What I learned as a CEO


The power of your own self directed questions.

The power of asking yourself specific and direct questions is very powerful in helping fuel positive changes in behavior and life. I was introduced to this concept some time back by a mentor and friend Marshall Goldsmith. This process is easy to understand but so Hard to do. Most people can start but quit because it can be difficult to do and to sometimes face. But if you start and form this habit of daily asking yourself pre-set, deep and well thought out questions you will see it fuel a positive evolution and change.  You may be seeking these in your business or life or in general but take it form me it does work! Take a few minutes and view this video below from Marshall Goldsmith who will explain this powerful process.

Powerful questioning process that works

Thanks and Gratitude first thing!

I saw this image today and thought it was perfect for any day but especially Monday and for the start of a new week! Rising with the first thought of thanks and gratitude to life, to your higher power (God), the universe, mother nature or whatever it is you find bigger and even more glorious than yourself and your own life is cool with me. But just taking the active efforts of thanks and then setting thoughts, intentions, actions and deeds to create the most amazing day ever is all within our reach and choice everyday! Hope you choose to create a magical and amazing day today. I know I am!

Thank you

The power of commitment and focus

Happy Friday and hope you are doing great today! I am feeling just fantastic and in the zone. I continue to evolve with my focus on creating a balanced life with business, health, fitness, family,spirituality and a joyful life. My recipe seems to be working as hoped and planned. The plan I am following is via Doc Barnet Meltzer in Del Mar. He has helped me dramatically fine tune my own life plan and habits I already had in place. But this has helped me take it to a whole new deeper, and higher level! I am exercising daily, mostly twice, meditating, doing yoga and still eating Vegan less grains and fruits going on 3 months now. I am also doing a new daily affirmation centering ritual created by an awesome coach and leader Raul Villacis. He is doing some amazing work with men and calling them to their highest power and purpose. A man truly leading by example! All this has resulted in being down 31 pounds in weight, my spirit being more crisp and clear than ever before. My thoughts and creativity are at an all time new high and my energy level is at a consist energized level through the day. I sleep better and dream more vividly! My business, bonds, being and body are truly coming into an amazing alignment and I am filled with heartfelt gratitude for these new and improved gifts! After one of the most trying years I have ever faced in 2015, out of the many years I have lived, it is so comforting to know we all have choice and things do evolve. We all have the power to change and improve our lives. No matter what, how bad or tough and no matter what your past or present situation, We can make positive changes if we so desire. We can also build upon our current gifts and successes by sharing with others.So I highly encourage you to take your ideal vision, create the plan, seek help and support where needed, start the work and do it daily! Commitment is key! Life will get even better and sweeter than it is now and there are many more levels of joy and greatness we can all achieve and live! Here is to more of your happiness and success ahead! Have an amazing weekend full of creation as you desire!kid-success

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