Consulting / Speaking / Writing I am a leader serving others by helping them find, maximize and increase their highest good and purpose in life and business. I specialize in understanding and maximizing the inner workings of companies. I help them increase their value proposition to the consumer and help find ways to increase profits. I am also able to help that person transitioning into becoming an entrepreneur or making the best of the journey once you are on the path. And the most important, helping to find the best ways for the company or individual to create more happiness, joy and fulfillment... 

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Transition from Anything to Anything!

I had the honor of being on Pat Hiban’s Show titled “Real Estate Rockstars.” But we talked little about real estate... 

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The Core of Leadership

Leadership is all about service, making a difference in other people’s lives for a higher purpose and leadership is all about... 

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The power of your own self directed questions.

The power of asking yourself specific and direct questions is very powerful in helping fuel positive changes in behavior and life.... 

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Thanks and Gratitude first thing!

I saw this image today and thought it was perfect for any day but especially Monday and for the start of a new week! Rising with the... 

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